Chris Ogle, wellness coach and model, dropped by my studio last week for a chat about his work, life and love:

If I asked your mum, how would she describe you?

If you asked my Mum, she would definitely describe me as an ambitious person.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a few areas, but I was born in Windsor, England. I travelled a bit when i was younger and lived in Sydney, Melbourne, the UK and the United States.

You lived in the states when you were younger. Do you have plans to get back there?

I would love to get back to the states as I only have a few memories of it.

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What is the most heroic thing you have done?

The most heroic thing I have done is properly when I pulled my sister out of the pool and saved her from drowning. I don’t remember it but I was about 6 and saw my sister was drowning I reached in and pulled her out with one hand by her bathers. So she owes me one i guess!

I know you keep super fit but what is the one thing you preach, yet don’t practice?

I guess the one thing that I preach but don’t practice is training my legs! Since moving out of the gym to start outdoor training I’ve totally neglected them so definitely have to get back to that soon.

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I wouldn’t be doing my readers any justice if I didn’t ask you are you currently single?

I am currently single, but I’ve got a girl I’m interested in so we’ll see what happens there.

And lastly are you a breast or thigh man?

I would definitely have to say I’m a thigh man through and through.

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Tell me a bit about your wellness couching business…

equiPT Wellness Coaching is a business with a holistic approach to creating a balanced lifestyle. With many external influences in our life such as work and travel, it is often easy for our health to be put on the backburner. My aim is to give my clients the proper education that they need, not only in session but also in their everyday life so that they can make worthwhile choices and keep on track with their health and wellbeing.

What sets you apart from other personal training?

The main aspect of equiPT that sets my business apart from others is that I have a huge focus on educating my clients rather than simply entertaining them with a good workout. With individual and group training at the forefront, I focus closely with each and every client on the most important aspects of a balanced body including; hydration, stress, sleep, nutrition, flexibility and postural imbalance as well as cardiovascular/muscle/joint strength.

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