So the past two days have been very interesting and also very cathartic with the striking down of the section in DOMA that discriminated against same sex couples. My husband Grant and I were asked to do an interview for FOX5 News and I was really touched by how they presented it. I guess I have a negative view of the American media especially FOX but I get a feeling that as FOX5 is based in California, they aren’t as conservative as say Fox & Friends.

So I will say this. You know when you have a bad day and you just need to get if off your chest to a friend which then makes things feel much better? Well this was kind of like that except that now that I have shared my story, there has been years of stress, worry and some incarceration that I can be at peace with.
Welcome to the present America. I had faith you would get it right.Sharing is a powerful tool for healing and I would recommend that anyone in a similar situation please share. This ruling is amazingly healthy for the community and there are 10s of 1000s of couples who can now begin to heal from the discrimination they have endured.


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